MinnAnimate is a homegrown annual miniature Minnesota animation film festival.


MinnAnimate 9, for the year 2020, will premiere on September 10. It will be an on-line film festival this time because of COVID-19. Check here for viewing details and the full lineup later in August and early in September.

We are sad that we won’t be able to have a screening at the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul this year, but will still partner with them to create this on-line festival.

MinnAnim8 (MinnAnimate 8) was great! Here are some photos from the show.

Check out biographies of some of last year’s filmmakers.


Here is the MinnAnim8 trailer, created at the Film North Animation Camp in August 2019!

MinnAnimate 7 was great! Check out these photos of Dean Hatton’s MinnAnimate t-shirt and the Youth and Student showcase panel.

And check out these photos of the Independent Animation screening panel.

And find all about the animators from their bios.

Look for MinnAnim-8, the second weekend in September 2019!

Here is the MinnAnimate 7 trailer, created by students in the Film North July 2018 Animation Camp:

MinnAnimate 7 Trailer from John Akre on Vimeo.

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Here are some photos of MinnAnimate 6. Here’s the MinnAnimate 6 trailer, produced by my students at the IFP MN Photoshop/Animation Camp in August 2017:

Here’s the trailer for MinnAnimate 5 Special thanks go out to my students in the IFP MN Flash/Photoshop Animation Camp for making the images and for the people who I recorded at the Square Lake Film Festival for the sound!

Here’s the 2015 trailer, made by my students in the IFP-MN Photoshop/Flash Animation Camp:



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Here’s the 2014 trailer, and trailers from the first two years of MinnAnimate.

MinnAnimate II trailer from John Akre on Vimeo.

MinnAnimate 2012 Trailer from John Akre on Vimeo.