MinnAnimate is a place for animation in Minnesota. MinnAnimate is a homegrown Minnesota animation film festival.

MinnAnimate 5 will be on September 8th 2016 at the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul St. Anthony Main Theater. Submit now! Submissions close on July 31. It’s free!

MinnAnimate IV was on Thursday, September 10th, 2015 at 7 pm at the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul’s St. Anthony Main Theater 3. Check out some photos of it.

Check out the MinnAnimate IV program.

Here’s the trailer, made by my students in the IFP-MN Photoshop/Flash Animation Camp:



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Here’s the 2014 trailer, and trailers from the first two years of MinnAnimate.

MinnAnimate II trailer from John Akre on Vimeo.

MinnAnimate 2012 Trailer from John Akre on Vimeo.