MinnAnimate Profile: Wolfgang Wick

Spaceman Jones
Why do you like animation?

I think it’s a fun way to pass the time, but most importantly I feel that, in the end, animations look far better on screen than people do.

Tell us about your short in this year’s festival.

It’s a short about SPACE NATURE (include dramatic voice when reading) documentation, that takes a turn for the silly.

Do you do other kinds of art that inform your animation work?

Unfortunately, no. It makes it incredibly difficult for me to animate due to the fact that I have no skill with sculpting, drawing, or tailoring. I feel my sets and characters always come up short.

Who are some of your favorite/inspirational animators?

Tim Burton and Henry Selick are the two that come to mind right away. Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie are wonderful films that I adore, although Coraline is by far my favorite film.

Is Minnesota a good place to do animation? And what do we need here to make it a better place for animation?

It doesn’t seem like a bad place to do animation, but I’m not really a good judge for that. I really think that to make it a better place for animation, we just need more animators.

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