MinnAnimate II Program

MinnAnimate Jr. – animation created by youth

The Three Little Pigs in a Different Kind of Story – Created by first and second graders during Art Camp in Halllock, MN this summer.

Cheat – created by youth at Animation Camp at IFP MN this summer.

The Princess Knight – created by Iris and Emma at Animation Camp at IFP MN this summer.

Rise of the Pepperoni – created by Max, Jonah, and Marcus at Animation Camp at IFP MN this summer.

Art Changes Everything – created by youth at Animation Camp at Intermedia Arts this summer.

Revenge of BunnyFish – created by Levi, Delia, Bea and Chavez at Animation Camp at Intermedia Arts this summer.

The Story of Steve – created by Sarah and Maxine at Art Camp in Halllock, MN this summer.

MinnAnimate II


French Movie – Scott Wenner

French Movie is an all-animated short film set to a poem by Best American Poetry Editor David Lehman.  The film deconstructs passages from the poem and from classic French cinema resulting in storytelling through scenes of singular objects and environments.

ship of fools pic

Ship of Fools – Emily Fritze

“Ship of Fools” is a story based on the Renaissance notion of casting off the town lunatics by putting them on a boat to sea. On their aimless journey, these characters are pursued by a monster that gains powers with each person it devours.

Keepaways Poster Frame

Over Your Shoulder – Brian Barber

This was a music video done for Duluth’s Homegrown festival. For 5 years, filmmakers have been given a random song from a local band and then they make a video for it. The first year, we only had a weekend, but after that the timeline has stretched to a couple of months. This is my 4th contribution to the Homegrown Music Video Festival. I’m lucky the Keepaways were willing to play along and have some fun with this, they really made it come together.

the trip

The Trip – Adina Cohen

It follows a man, Jim Bob, as he tries to not be late for his flight to Bona Bona. But there are many obstacles in Jim Bob’s way, including a clown who wants immediately to get into Jim Bob’s Pants.


18˚N 65˚W – Dane Cree and Claire Strautmanis

18˚N 65˚W is a stream of consciousness, collaborative hand drawn animation. Inspired by a two week period spent on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Animated by Dane Cree and Claire Strautmanis


Finding (A)way – Lora Madjar

“Finding (A)way” is a short stop-motion animation about a young woman’s escape from her oppressive life and country. She lands in a different version of her past and realizes that she holds the power to transform her life wherever she is by creating and becoming part of a supportive community. The current version is part one of the complete story.

Spaceman Jones

Spaceman Jones – Wolfgang Wick

A spacemen tries to take a photo of a space animal with tragic consequences.


Uproot – Oanh Vu

Uproot, is the second video in a series about Xuan Nguyen and Hiep Vu, immigrants from Vietnam to New Ulm, Minnesota.  In this video, Xuan shares her struggle to bring her children to the U.S. after being forced to leave them behind when she escaped Vietnam.


Climate Conference  – Dave and Mary Sandberg

A surprise guest arrives at the Climate Conference.


Famous People. Fast Food – Greg Bro

At the Burger Buddy, you never know who might stop by for a burger & some fries. Written, voiced, and animated by Greg Bro, “Famous People. Fast Food.” debuted at the 2013 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

Mahieu Studios Productions

Life Under the Dome: Series I – Mahieu Spaid

Life Under the Dome enters the world of muffins, cupcakes, and sweet sushi. The short animation takes place in a pastry shop where the creative confections are shaped like sushi, pets, and other classic characters. They come to life when no one is eyeing their frosting or sugar coated sprinkles. All they can do is observe the world through their cake dome.


The Uncle Mike Show – Cable Hardin

An unfortunate tv show host is troubled by the program’s sponsors.

unpop still

Unpop: The Story of Lenny Halwar – John Akre

A forgotten celebrity artist is remembered and then forgotten again.


Worm – Caleb Wood

Bilaterally Symmetrical Invertebrate.

transplant still

Transplant – Trevor Adams

Transplant is a cosmic dream of the origins of the universe as projected through the sounds and life-flashes of bicyclists, puppeteers and posers in Minneapolis. It was hand-scratched onto previously exposed 16mm film.


Thoughts of an Artist – Cole Behrends, Evyn Erickson, Sabrina Jenema, Shelby Vongroven

The classic tale of muses, fears, and inspirations as told from four different young artists’ perspectives.

centralopen streets still

Street Animation Station at Central Avenue Open Street – John Akre

Public animation with people on the street at this summer’s Central Avenue Open Street event.

treebellion still

Treebellion – Beth Peloff

What happens when nature decides it has had enough?

bird shit

Bird Shit – Caleb Wood

A closer look at bird shit.

Migration and Murmuration pic

Migration and Murmuration – Lisa Erickson/Karen Kopacz

The song “Bits and Pieces” written for this animation describes the dots and arrows that represent starlings flying in their habitual murmuration form. As the hawk chases them they band together and chase back, taunting and teasing and finally succeeding, settle down to the ground as an exhausted hawk flies off to find a less protagonist contender.

Marcel, King of Tervuren 03

Marcel, King of Tervuren – Tom Schroeder

Marcel survives the bird flu, alcohol, sleeping pills and his son Max.  Though blinded in one eye, he remains the King of Tervuren.  Greek tragedy as acted out by Belgian roosters.


Leonard – Michelle Brost

A lumberjack with possible anger problems meets an unexpected friend.


The Mysterious Arrival of an Unusual Letter – Scott Wenner

A lonely old fellow receives a mysterious letter from his long deceased father. Based on a poem by Mark Strand.

dear twin cities

Dear Twin Cities, – Peter Kirschmann

I’ve lived in the Twin Cities for a decade, and in that time it’s become my home. In the fall of 2013, I’ll be moving away to go back to school. This short was made as an open letter to the cities I’ve grown to love, a litany of the places I will miss. This was originally produced for MNKINO38: Arrivals and Departures at Northern Spark 2013.


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