MinnAnimate IV Program

MinnAnimate IV program

MinnAnimate IV Youth
Clown Vs. Shark by Norman County East Elementary Third Graders

Elevator by Jane – IFP Photoshop/Flash Animation class

Treasure by Logan – IFP Photoshop/Flash Animation class

The Phoenix by Moira and Bruise – IFP Stop Motion Camp

Jump Into Writing – by Young Author’s Conference Youth

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.18.23 PM

Conflict – by Sam – IFP Juice Media

MinnAnimate IV

Big Voice 1080x1920.00_00_19_07.Still005

Woodblind – “Big Voice”

Brian Barber

Music video for the Duluth Acoustic Ska band Woodblind. http://woodblindska.com


Dreaming by Degrees: Christy

Robert Jersak

We asked a class of community college students to give us a metaphor for starting college. In this animated short from the series Dreaming by Degrees, Christy, a recovered substance user, talks about the fight between good and evil … and the hope of new beginnings.



Isaac Leonhardi

Egghood is an animated short that follows an egg from birth to high school graduation. “It’s like Boyhood. But it’s 30 seconds long.
And it’s about an egg.”


Dreaming by Degrees: Darvin

Robert Jersak

We asked a class of community college students to give us a metaphor for starting college. In this animated short from the series Dreaming by Degrees, Darvin, an ex-gang member and returning Iraq War veteran, talks about spreading his wings and trying to soar.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.15.06 AM

Starling of Athens “The Lord is not my real Dad” music video

Brian Barber

Music video for the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, 2015. Participants are assigned a random song and make a video for it.


Oh Noah

Greg Bro

In this comedic short written, animated and voiced by Greg Bro, Noah builds a big ass boat to save the world’s animals from a watery grave, but soon learns he may have overlooked some things.

Heartland ScreenShot


David Koesters

Happiness on the farm. Who’s to say?



Susan Shay Brugger

A miscalculation causes this tomcat to lose a couple of his nine lives. This animation incorporates watercolor backgrounds with hand-drawn Adobe Flash animation.

Two Worlds

Andy Lefton

Snibb, a stranded and lonely character, but not by choice. He has been marooned on a desolate and barren planet where he struggles to utilize his weak and failing satellite link to attempt daily distress beacons for rescue. Through fate, he may have a way out.

Hansel and Gretel1

Hansel and Gretel Go to the Birds

Beth Peloff

After birds eat Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs, they follow new trail markers.



Leo Winstead

“Eurytus” is a retelling of the ancient Greek myth of the battle between the Lapiths and the Centaurs. I used the technique of animating clay in high relief as an homage to the carved marble metopes found on the Parthenon.

Percipient Still


Keith Mullin

An animator’s model comes to life and explores his new world. He discovers music, love, loss and hope.

my friend the trees2

My Friend the Trees

John Akre

My friend Devin died and became three trees that will one day grow together into one.

13 red kent copy72

Poet Guitar

Lisa Erickson

Amp Up! at American Swedish Institute / An animation of iPad Drawings created by Lisa Rydin Erickson. These are poetic interpretations of Hagstrom Guitars shown at Amp It Up June 20 to October 25, 2015. Music by Drew Rydin Erickson and Production by Ryan Murphy copyright 2015


Isola del Giglio

Tom Schroeder

Sunday morning on the long curve of Campese, Isola del Giglio.

9 Still


Edward Heyl

A man plunges into a frantic, surreal panic when a creature calls for help. Created in 9 days for MinneAnimate IV, it captures the emotions involved in its creation.


Searching For An Autobiography

Wayne Nelson

Poem by George Farrah, from The Low Pouring Stars published by Ravenna Press. Music by Farmer Farmer. Animation by Wayne Nelsen.



Adam Dargan

Smile is a stop motion animated film about a man’s search for happiness and how society’s conventions challenge his experiences.


Industrial Secrets

Sue Grant

Tongue in cheek view of the industrial process used to make the most common soup of the day, tomato bisque.


Thugs the Musical: Drive-By

Greg Bro

Thugs the Musical: Drive-By is an animated musical comedy about a drive-by shooting.


Get In The Car

Kirk Anderson

Police racial profiling

purgatorial still

Through a purgatorial Twenty Eleven

Trevor Adams

Channelling the ‘news’ from from downtown filmic ruins, ruminating on ‘the state i am in’.
Look for the Shmitt music wall and watch out for subliminals of oil derrig xenomorphs line dance to the song of the bouncing wire.Falling upwards and flying underground to the beats of the radio birdman…



Wayne Nelson

Music by Bill Reichelt. Animation by Wayne Nelsen.

White Out

White Out

Cable Hardin

A lone pilot is faced with isolation on a cold dark world.

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