MinnAnimate IV Contributor bios


Here are the people who made some of the films in MinnAnimate IV.

Trevor Adams has been working with 16mm film since 1992, and was recently evicted from his loft so that downtown could make way for more condos.

John Akre is an animator, videomaker and teaching artist who lives in Minneapolis and founded MinnAnimate. http://www.johnakre.com

Kirk Anderson is a political cartoonist, animator, and designer in the Twin Cities.

Brian Barber is a designer, illustrator, animator and motion graphics artist in Duluth MN. His work can be seen in TV commercials, corporate videos, music videos, and strange little projects scattered all around the world.

Greg Bro is an award-winning filmmaker from Minneapolis, MN who writes, voices, and animates comedic short films for his website TheBroShow.com. Bro’s work has screened at various film festival across the country and he is currently working on a project he created for DreamWorks TV. When not tooning, Bro enjoys eating sandwiches and shaving exclamation points into his beard.

After nearly a lifetime of playing with flip books, Susan Brugger discovered computer animation a few years ago and hasn’t looked back. She works primarily in 2d mixed media character animation. She also contributes as a motion graphics artist on the Ray ‘n’ Clovis Show animations created and produced by Theory Animation.

Adam Dargan was raised in Duluth, MN and currently resides in Minneapolis. He enjoys exploring the combination of physical and digital animation. Adam is currently in his final year at MCAD studying a degree in animation.

Lisa Erickson has a history of working and collaborating with other artists from painting and mural work to sumi-e style illustration and stop-motion animation.

Sue Grant is a retired little old lady who can’t seem to get enough animation in her life.

Cable Hardin has been making films and animation for tv, film, and web for decades. He also teaches film and animation at South Dakota State University. Cable has also specialized in makeup special effects for film and tv. Other titles in his filmography include The Uncle Mike Show (2013), Look to the Sea (2010), Beard and Moustache Experiments (2008) and Ancestors (2006).

Edward Heyl was born at a very young age to a group of free-range Minnesotans. He received his BFA from the U of M in 2010 and has dedicated his life to making surreal nonsensery. He currently lives in Northeast Minneapolis with his three cats and human wife.

Robert Jersak is a community college Communication instructor, an audio documentarian and a part-time artist wannabe. These are his first animated films.

David Koesters used to be a JAG officer in the army. He has two cats.

Andy Lefton is a veteran CG animator and VFX artist with over 12 years in the industry. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Andy has worn many hats, from artist to producer to creative director. Visit his portfolio at http://www.andylefton.com

Isaac Leonhardi is a high school student who enjoys creating stories and digital art forms.

Keith Mullin is a graduate of Metropolitan State University with a degree in screenwriting. He has been making short films for the last 7 years. This is his first animation.

Wayne Nelsen lives in Minneapolis and teaches ELL.

Beth Peloff is an animator and documentary filmmaker and editor. Her animations have played in film festivals locally and nationally.

Tom Schroeder has been making generally hand-drawn animated films since 1990.

Leo Winstead is an illustrator and filmmaker based out of the Twin Cities. Leo has been involved with various film projects over the last 20 years. Live-action projects have included work on “The Quiet Storm” (2000) and “This Is My Body” (2008). Recent animated films include “Akello & the Lion” (2010) and “Aurora” (2013).

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