MinnAnimate 7 Independent Animation Program

Big Women Screen Shot

Big Women

by Robert Jersak

Listen up, literature lovers: your nerd dad is here to to mansplain the classics. As Louisa May Alcott says, “Beware the eyes of March!”



by Dean Hatton

In 1979 Pat Benatar released “Heartbreaker” and it became a big hit. Not many people know that British singer Jenny Darren was the first to record it a year earlier.


An Index of Pouts

by Sarah Urquhart Evenson

A bunch of lips and sweet kisses, produced with screenprinting.

Let x equal x - still 01.jpg

Let x Equal x

by Colin Stanhill

A sequence of hand-drawn experiments.
Constants: visualist, technology, run time.
Independent variables: musician, drawing materials, theme.
Dependent variables: you tell me!


Tersely Menders

by Trevor Adams and many others

If you were take the path of no resistance, you might land here: a gulag of animators chained to light tables, hovering over a sharpied-out 16mm print, scratch animations borne out with a needle, forever dreaming of freedom.


Thursday Night in Rancho de Las Rocas

by Mike and Wendie Owens

There’s nothing like a cowpoke’s campfire harmonica to soothe the savage… um, big shadowy thing.



by Patrick Schwalbe

This is a full 3D/CG short film. Harmony is meant to be elegant, artistic, and expressive. I “hand-animated” the hands and did the special effects all inside of 3D Software.



by Joel Erkkinen

This is a short film I made about love that knows no bounds and breaks barriers. After landing on the moon, an astronaut discovers a curious green and sparkly being with a single red eye. The intrigued astronaut inspects the properties of the extraterrestrial in a very non-scientific manner of poking, slapping, and tickling, the being seems to react… and the universe will never be the same.


Why the Birds

by Adam Loomis

In a pet store after hours, a sentient computer ponders love.



by Cable Hardin

A story of agriculture and a need for change, as told by a bee and its box.

Blob still image.jpg

Blob’s Adventure

by Beth Peloff

Blob explores the world against his better judgement.


Feygel the Pigeon Keeper

by Emily Fritze

16th century Prague: the Golem, a mythical creature brought into being by Rabbi Loew to protect and defend the Jewish community, reflects on his purpose and his mortality.


Kassandra and The Bus

by Julie JAO

When a chance meeting at a remote café upsets the plans for two travelers they must decide whether to help a stranger or leave her stranded. Yet mysterious forces suddenly transform the situation calling into question the nature of reality. This animation is based on a dream.


“Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds”

by Kelley Meister

“Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds” is a hand-drawn animation that explores the realities of living in the nuclear age.


Big City

by Buko

Anthony is constantly looking for ways to make the most out of his situations. In Big City he embarks on another adventure to do that.

kit show 1.jpg

A Community Media Kit Show

by John Akre

How do you build a picture of a place, an understanding of a community? I explore this idea through film and video I shot over 25 years ago and animation created by many hands.


I Live Differently Today

by Wayne Nelsen

Tom Cassidy guides us through the phases of his life.


Bike Trip

by Tom Schroeder

The third and final film in Tom Schroeder’s “Bike” animated documentary series. Two bikers travel 500 miles to ask a question about beer.

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