MinnAnimate 7 Bios

Trevor Adams work can be seen online at sinemodafatestare.com. He was born and resides in the Midwest.

John Akre is an animator who lives in Minneapolis and is interested in figuring out ways to create animation in public places. He teaches animation at Hamline University and to youth and co-owns Green Jeans Media, where he creates animation and video with his wife Beth.

Born in California and raised in Apache Junction, Arizona. Joseph Dutra currently attends his senior year at Minneapolis College of Art and Design to better extend his creativity. He is influenced by Animaniacs-type of animation and hopes to bring it back into popularity.

Joel Erkkinen is a self taught animator and film maker. My work usually tends to dance the line between funny and gross. I aim to make people laugh.

Sarah Urquhart Evenson is a genderqueer printmaker, illustrator, and now animator(?) originally from Denver, CO.

Emily Fritze is an independent animator and motion graphics artist based in Minneapolis. She has worked on a variety of projects that include music videos for Pert Near Sandstone, Trampled by Turtles, and Perry Project, among others; documentaries, feature films, commercial work, as well as illustration and graphic design. She has been shown and awarded in film festivals – Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, Square Lake, MNTV, Philadelphia Film Festival, and SoCal. Her works can be found at emilyfritze.com.

Me Cable [Hardin]. Me make move things.

Dean Hatton is a mime trained by world renown mime Marcel Marceau and has been performing since 1984. In 97′ he moved from Ohio to Minneapolis where he continues to create perform today. He only recently discovered doing animation using photoshop and this is his first major project.

Lizzie Hutchins (she/her/hers) is a filmmaker, media educator, and creative spirit. She loves collaborating with others to seek out the secret worlds. She believes moving image is important for building empathy.

Julie JAO is primarily a painter and performance artist. She has exhibited and performed at Bedlam Theater, Vine Arts Center, Intermedia Arts, The Southern Theater and at various festivals doing live speed painting in the back of a pick up truck. This is her first animated short.

Robert Jersak is an independent animator, audio documentary producer and Communication Studies faculty member at Century College.

My name is Buko Laditan. I have been in the entertainment industry for about 10 years.

Adam Loomis is a film programmer and animator from Minneapolis, MN. In addition to joining the Film Society in August 2017, he has worked with organizations such as the Walker Art Center, Trylon Cinema, Northern Exposure and, most recently, Hellavision Television Animation Show.

Kelley Meister (pronouns: ze/hir/hirs) uses drawings, video, and participatory experiences to investigate this how the planet is shifted by the indelible touch of humans. Ze received an MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2008 and continues to live and work in Minneapolis. See more: kelleymeister.com.

Stephen Miller is currently a student at Hamline University, working towards a Digital media arts degree.

Wayne Nelsen teaches English as a Second Language in St. Paul.

Beth Peloff is a video maker and teacher who works in both documentary and animation. Her films have played at film festivals including the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, the Twin Cities Film Festival and the Sodak Animation Festival.

Tom Schroeder has been making hand-drawn animated films since 1990. His films have been broadcast on Independent Lens, the Sundance Channel, Canal + France, SBS in Australia and CBC in Canada and have screened at the American Cinematique in Los Angeles and Anthology Film Archives in New York. The films have also played widely on the international festival circuit, including at Annecy, Rotterdam, Sundance, Ottawa, South by Southwest and Edinburgh, and have won over thirty festival awards.

Patrick Schwalbe graduated from the Art Institutes, MN in 2000. I spent the following years working in the medical animation industry doing technical direction.

Colin Stanhill is a self-taught animator working in Minneapolis. He draws all his films by hand on paper. According to Malcolm Turner, of the Melbourne International Animation Festival, he is “quite a lucid sort of fellow.”

Persephine Yang is 12 years old. I started animating in 4th grade when I saw a youtuber post a animation for their school. I was inspired to make my own animations just for the fun of it and I slowly liked doing and I would want to be an animator when I grow up.

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