MinnAnim8 Independent Animation Showcase

Here is the MinnAnim8 Independent Animation Showcase, which will be presented on Thursday, September 12 at 7:30 pm.



Mike Owens, Wendie Owens

Having your own point of view may not make you fit in, but it can make you king of planet potato.

regiment photo


Wayne Nelsen

A music video for the Barcelona-based band, Seward.


Maya Bdeg’a

Dana Conroy

A true family story of a heroic pelican takes shape on the banks of Lake Traverse as unwanted visitors approach.



Wayne Nelsen

Poet Gretchen Marquette remember her childhood.

Letters from Pickle Animated Short Film Still Image

Letters from Pickle

Robert Jersak

On July 26th, 2017, Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that the president had made a friend. We imagine that their correspondence continued.



Hallie Bahn

“Habitual” is an animated vignette, which explores the doldrums of office labor.

A self-portrait, the animation was created by hand rotoscoping footage of the filmmaker performing. By refusing to generalize any movements, the piece illustrates the minutiae of administrative behaviors in frame by frame detail.


Her Mother’s Eyes

Emory Allen

For those of us without the gift of a green thumb, we can only standby, helpless as our beloved house plants fade away. If only there was an ER for little green buddies!


née Rabbit

Hailie Bahn

née Rabbit confronts the mind’s struggle to maintain a true identity even as our memory begins to fade. Can we continue to know ourselves when we have no recollection of our past actions and reactions? Do we adapt our identity to incorporate this loss into our life’s story? Or do we resign ourselves to wake up each day anew and if so, who are we?

You Are Here Animated Short Film Still Image

You Are Here

Robert Jersak

“You’re out here. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.” You Are Here is an animated experimental meditation – 112 seconds to break away from whatever you’ve gotten yourself tangled up in lately.

Underground still 2


Beth Peloff

A lonely person unexpectedly takes a journey to reconnect with life.


Object Permanence

Maret Polzine

Anxiety; intrusive thinking; running around in circles

Indirect Animation 2

Indirect Animation

Colin Stanhill

Made with only 12 pages of standard copy paper, this is Colin’s greenest work to date! Let this lo-fi imitation of 35mm film take you on a microscopic voyage through telescoping tunnel visions in Full Two-Tone Color!!


Stone Witch

Molly Stuart

I am stone: solid, heavy. Sometimes I sink in space, falling and filling and scraping through, curving and curling into it. Sometimes I fall into a space that provides refuge.

hole in the sky 3

The Hole in the Sky

John Akre

Somewhere, up there, is a hole in the sky. But we have not found it yet.

Hot crocoa

Hot! Cro-Croa

Sishir Bommakanti

Hot Cro-Croa! Jonnaman Gripthurst, a lonely boneless man recounts his adventures in the big city as he get a mysterious pop-up when surfing the dark web. A TV Spot for a popular drink called Cro-Croa, and its premier of its new flavor: Hot! Cro-Croa. Animated and directed by: Sishir Bommakanti, Additional animation by: Jacob Berrier, Music by: Slowya.roll and Post Everything Production, In collaboration with Post Everything Production and The Story Must Be Told


Dragon Boat Fest

Trevor Adams

My tribute to the Vietmom war


Intruder Man

Peter Nelson

As a young woman, Jessie faces the wrath of an authoritarian superintendent who blacklists her from teaching. As an elderly woman, Alzheimer’s disease makes her paranoid of an “intruder man” who haunts her apartment. Slipping between these parallel periods, Jessie remains persistent in the face of sexism, loss, and dementia.

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