MinnAnim 8 Biographies

Emory Allen, Alicia Allen

Foreign Fauna is the independent animation studio of directors Alicia Allen and Emory Allen. Foreign Fauna is our outlet to express ideas that move us through a medium that we love.

Trevor Adams

Trevor expresses his regret over not being able to attend this awesome experience– he’s always inspired by the sweat, blood, and labors of love which make up contributions and sequencing of this festival.

John Akre

John Akre is an animator and videomaker and teaching artist who takes stop motion animation to various places with his Sloppy Films Animation Station. He creates animation and documentary video with his wife Beth Peloff as Green Jeans Media. He teaches animation at Hamline University and Film North and organizes MinnAnimate.

Lukas Anderson

Lukas Anderson is an animator from Saint Paul MN, currently residing in Los Angeles CA.

Hallie Bahn

Hallie Bahn is an animator, interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bahn received her MFA in interdisciplinary practices from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and her work has screened internationally.

Grace Bauer

Grace Bauer is a Digital Media Arts Student at Hamline University and is from Hastings, Minnesota. She enjoys creating things and the sense of accomplishment after finishing a big project, but even more than that, she loves the artistic process it takes to get there. #SaveTheEarth

Sishir Bommakanti

Sishir Bommakanti is an illustrator and animator who works in the genre of the absurd, surreal and fantasy. His work is inspired by the dark corners of human psyche and threads into the fringe.

Dana Conroy

Dana Conroy studied filmmaking at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. She’s directed and produced several popular film festival selections such as Fire & Light (2017), Adventure Unknown (2016), and Xenos (2015). She’s won 7 Emmy awards and a Golden Bell Award (Campana del Oro) for Movistar’s commercial Lost in Montevideo (2016). Choosing to reside in rural Minnesota, Dana enjoys making cultural documentaries for underserved regions at a PBS station.

Thao Doan

Minneapolis local who loves to animate!

Robert Jersak

Robert Jersak is an educator and independent animation and documentary artist.

Tyler Leininger

Tyler Leininger is a Senior at Hamline University studying Digital Media arts and studio art. He enjoys a variety of different mediums, including digital painting, photography, film, and most recently, animation.

Wayne Nelsen

Wayne Nelsen has made over 100 animated videos.

Peter Bonde Becker Nelson

Peter Bonde Becker Nelson teaches New Media Art at St. Olaf College. Examining themes of gender, aging, class, and identity, Nelson records and interprets the personal narratives of his friends, family, and self. His work delves into the nuances of human connection — love, friendship, intimacy, frustration and loss.

Mike Owens, Wendie Owens

Born in the Appalachian mountains, schooled in Chicago, trained in the ancient arts of pencil and paper animation, Emmy winning animator MIKE OWENS has manifested a Hollywood career while maintaining a Midwest lifestyle.

Beth Peloff

Beth Peloff is a video maker and teacher who works in both animation and documentary. Her films have played at film festivals regionally and nationally. She is a 2017 recipient of the Jerome Foundation Film and Video Grant.

Maret Polzine

Maret Polzine is a filmmaker and arts organizer living and working in the Twin Cities. They are the founder of Video Variant, the host of Cinema Lounge, and a teaching artist with COMPAS.

Carolyn Schmit

I have been animating for 4 years, and a huge fan of cartoons and animated films. A lot of projects I do are animation collaborations on Youtube. I am attending Century College Fall of 2019 for their 3D Animation program. Watch more animations by me here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmhUtDye5ErqvOse7Y1UpaA?view_as=subscriber

Colin Stanhill

Colin Stanhill is a self-taught animator working in Minneapolis. He draws all his films by hand on paper. According to Malcolm Turner, of the Melbourne International Animation Festival, he is “quite a lucid sort of fellow.”

Molly Parker Stuart

Molly Parker Stuart is a visual artist living and working in Minneapolis. Her work has been covered by The Creators Project and Animal New York and has been exhibited widely. Molly’s work uses social and digital structures to create a felt experience.

Rowan Thompson

I am a young filmmaker from Saint Paul Minnesota, my first film I made was in 2014, it was a 2 minute Lego stop motion video titled “The Legend of Jeff” I was 11 at the time.

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