MinnAnimate 9 Lineup

Animation made by youth

From FilmNorth July 2020 Stop Motion Animation Camp

Food Fight, by Kaitlin

Crumbs Vs. Mouth, by Charlie

Attack of the Cheeseburger, by Nolan

From FilmNorth August 2020 Stop Motion Animation Camp

Dragon in the Woods, by Netta

Promo for the Empire, by Gabriel

Relentless, by Bennett

Student Animation



Daveed Her

An adventurer goes on a journey in search for diamonds in a cave.


The Red Jewel Thief

Alex Kern

Lego Stop Motion: Someone steals a red jewel and tries to get away but is apprehended soon after!



Wong Xiong

The main character and second character are fighting in a deserted landscape. When the main character loses, he wakes up.



Andrea Lindler

A young boy finds a unique way to get back at some neighborhood bullies.


The Grand Story

Kate Toriseva

This short film is a summary of my grandparents’ story together, based off of pictures/videos/stories I’ve been seen or been told about growing up.


Spike and Melody

Amabelle Johnson

In this world, Paleco is a product that allows children to have customized dinosaurs as pets. Our main character, Melody, wants one for her birthday but her mom can’t afford it. However, Mom ends up finding a bootleg version, DinoGo, instead. But something doesn’t seem quite right when the egg finally hatches…

BabyFood_HiRes_1 (1)

Baby Food

Kai Dranchak

Baby Food is an animated short film about a feisty baby who’s sick of eating baby food; he wants adult food.



Jordan Schulz

A robot’s quest takes him up the face of a precarious mountain and pits him against an even stronger foe.

Independent Animation

Hit the Road Jack

Hit the Road Jack

Scott Ferril

A lip sync team gets burned, original is stereo 3D



Joseph Dutra

What happens when you mix Mickey Mouse and Deadpool together? You get DeadMouse!!

My Northeast and Yours FINAL

My Northeast and Yours

John Akre

A collaboratively-created stop motion animation project about the sense of place, created during shelter in place and animated over several livestreams.

Ink Ode still

Ink Ode

Colin Stanhill

Slapstick psychedelia meets analog glitch film in a love poem to the blotty, bleedy, supersaturated splendor of ink on paper. Ever-morphing imagery crackles with artifacts and oddments that recall the unique textures of film reels, video tapes, and digital files. Created entirely with brushed ink on 35mm paper.


Us – Chapter 1

Garden Greene

“Us” is planned as a four part coming of age story aimed to navigate the themes of gender, sexuality, and queer identity.

How Not to Be Sceen still 2 300 dpi

How Not to Be Seen

Beth Peloff

A woman takes extreme measures to avoid small talk at a wedding.


The Perfect Dress

Marla Goodman

A woman dreams of a perfect dress and works to create it. The result of her efforts takes her on a journey which ends in a photo taken in her front yard. This project was the outcome of a July 2020 FilmNorth online workshop.



Wayne Nelsen

Japanese artist, Yuya Negishi, takes us on a tour of his home in the era of COVID-19.



Joel Erkkinen

Enjoy my short film about the selflessness of the children we raise. All of us parents are stuck at home with our delightful offspring. They will be good citizens… eventually. Stay safe! Room Layout by Mike Owens Room Background by Ching Thao

Lessons During Covid-19

Lessons During COVID-19

Scott Ferril

Simple lessons to remember during lockdown.

Quarantine Horror Routine Poster Image

Quarantine Horror Routine

Robert Jersak

Walks with my daughter by day, binging vintage horror films by night – it’s all part of a COVID-19 quarantine horror routine. Frames of gothic cinema and cycles of personal fears all bleed together in this short film about living day-to-day during a pandemic.

MinnAnimate Late


The Coolest Wife

Sam Selvaggio

An incredibly tolerant wife hears about another gnarly card game from her husband.


Aliens & Milk

Wayne Nelsen

A distant planet, fueled by milk, runs out. Story and art by Hamil Griffin-Cassidy.


Twurkey 2 Point OH!

Joel Erkkinen

The sequel to “The World’s First Twurkey” is FINALLY here!!!

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