MinnAnimate 7 Independent Animation Program

Big Women Screen Shot

Big Women

by Robert Jersak

Listen up, literature lovers: your nerd dad is here to to mansplain the classics. As Louisa May Alcott says, “Beware the eyes of March!”



by Dean Hatton

In 1979 Pat Benatar released “Heartbreaker” and it became a big hit. Not many people know that British singer Jenny Darren was the first to record it a year earlier.


An Index of Pouts

by Sarah Urquhart Evenson

A bunch of lips and sweet kisses, produced with screenprinting.

Let x equal x - still 01.jpg

Let x Equal x

by Colin Stanhill

A sequence of hand-drawn experiments.
Constants: visualist, technology, run time.
Independent variables: musician, drawing materials, theme.
Dependent variables: you tell me!


Tersely Menders

by Trevor Adams and many others

If you were take the path of no resistance, you might land here: a gulag of animators chained to light tables, hovering over a sharpied-out 16mm print, scratch animations borne out with a needle, forever dreaming of freedom.


Thursday Night in Rancho de Las Rocas

by Mike and Wendie Owens

There’s nothing like a cowpoke’s campfire harmonica to soothe the savage… um, big shadowy thing.



by Patrick Schwalbe

This is a full 3D/CG short film. Harmony is meant to be elegant, artistic, and expressive. I “hand-animated” the hands and did the special effects all inside of 3D Software.



by Joel Erkkinen

This is a short film I made about love that knows no bounds and breaks barriers. After landing on the moon, an astronaut discovers a curious green and sparkly being with a single red eye. The intrigued astronaut inspects the properties of the extraterrestrial in a very non-scientific manner of poking, slapping, and tickling, the being seems to react… and the universe will never be the same.


Why the Birds

by Adam Loomis

In a pet store after hours, a sentient computer ponders love.



by Cable Hardin

A story of agriculture and a need for change, as told by a bee and its box.

Blob still image.jpg

Blob’s Adventure

by Beth Peloff

Blob explores the world against his better judgement.


Feygel the Pigeon Keeper

by Emily Fritze

16th century Prague: the Golem, a mythical creature brought into being by Rabbi Loew to protect and defend the Jewish community, reflects on his purpose and his mortality.


Kassandra and The Bus

by Julie JAO

When a chance meeting at a remote café upsets the plans for two travelers they must decide whether to help a stranger or leave her stranded. Yet mysterious forces suddenly transform the situation calling into question the nature of reality. This animation is based on a dream.


“Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds”

by Kelley Meister

“Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds” is a hand-drawn animation that explores the realities of living in the nuclear age.


Big City

by Buko

Anthony is constantly looking for ways to make the most out of his situations. In Big City he embarks on another adventure to do that.

kit show 1.jpg

A Community Media Kit Show

by John Akre

How do you build a picture of a place, an understanding of a community? I explore this idea through film and video I shot over 25 years ago and animation created by many hands.


I Live Differently Today

by Wayne Nelsen

Tom Cassidy guides us through the phases of his life.


Bike Trip

by Tom Schroeder

The third and final film in Tom Schroeder’s “Bike” animated documentary series. Two bikers travel 500 miles to ask a question about beer.

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MinnAnimate 7 Youth/Student Program



by Persephine Yang

About a young highschool girl entering a new video game


Barney the Bear

by Ada and Bruce at Film North Stop Motion Animation Camp

A bear searches for a new home.

faling apart

Falling Apart

by Sidney and Carly at Film North Stop Motion Animation Camp

The Flower, Bird and Man

by Haley at Film North Creative Cloud Animation Camp


by Grace at Film North Creative Cloud Animation Camp



by Emma at Film North Creative Cloud Animation Camp

guy and fly.jpg

Guy and Fly

by Donovan at Film North Creative Cloud Animation Camp


The Story of How North and South Turtle Lakes Got Their Names

by Carly at Film North Creative Cloud Animation Camp



by Aaron at Film North Creative Cloud Animation Camp



by Finn at Film North Creative Cloud Animation Camp

dust bunnies

Dust Bunnies

by Stephen Miller

Follow along on a trek of a few average dust bunnies.



by Edward Elliott


Scarf in the Cold

by Stephen Miller

A person searches for warmth amongst the cold they find.

Mickey Bimbo Poster

Mickey Mouse meets Bimbo the Dog

by Joseph Dutra

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse meets Max Fleischer’s Bimbo the Dog and revenge is taken.



by Lizzie Hutchins

GRIEF highlights many different people’s experiences with grief and related emotions through interviews and claymation. The short film invites you to listen and reflect with others about pain. Together, we heal.



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Submit to 7!

Submissions are now open for MinnAnimate 7. They close on July 31, 2018!



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MinnAnimate 6 Photos

MinnAnimate 6 is over, and it was a fun night with many great animated films and lots of great discussion. Here are some photos!




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MinnAnimate 6 is tonight!

MinnAnimate 6 is tonight! Thursday, September 14! Check out the Youth/Student program lineup at 6 pm. And Check out the Independent Animation Program at 7 pm. And read some of the Animator Bios. Also, just to let you know, Main Street in front of the St. Anthony Main Theater is under construction today, so you may want to approach the theater from the 2nd St. SE side.

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Featured on Secrets of the City

MinnAnimate 6 was featured on Secrets of the City!


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MinnAnimate 6 Bios

Youth/Student Filmmakers

Sam Ballis

Sam Ballis is based in the Twin Cities, and currently is about to start college at MCAD in the fall. Sam dedicates a lot of time to the world of filmmaking, and animation is one field that she is currently exploring.

Jim Belden

Jim Belden has been a student and volunteer at CTV since 2014. Working with TV and film is one of his many creative passions, as well as acting and writing.

Emily Downes

Emily is an artist, filmmaker, animator, and instructor working in still and moving images. She holds a BFA in Film from UW-Milwaukee, where she is currently pursuing an MFA in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres. Drawn to the unusual and unpredictable, her work explores the flux of peculiarities in language, communication, gestures and habits. Working across various mediums, such as video, photography and animation, her work investigates how images are translated into various forms through context. Emily’s work aspires to instigate questions, engage curiosity and manifest new language around what is seen in these new forms.

Mary Kippley

I’m Mary Kippley, a creator from Hamline University. I specialize in building diverse characters and supernatural/mystical stories that examines questions and twist themes I feel are either mis- or underrepresented in the media today, such as love, friendship, loneliness, alienation and other topics having to do with relationships. I draw to express and create to explore, and more often than not, I’m exploring myself — my beliefs, my ideals, my identity. This exploration may take the form of songs, poems, or shorts, but usually come in comics and sketches.

Jennifer Rosario

My name is Jennifer Rosario. I attend Hamline University pursuing a degree in Digital Media Arts. This video is a product of Hamline’s Intro to Animation class taught by Professor John Akre.

Skyler Swender

MCAD senior animation major that is interested in the narrative structure of storytelling compared to its content.


Independent Animators

Trevor Adams

Trevor Adams is a recipient of the 2017 MSAB Artist Initiative grant and is affording him the opportunity to revisit and digitize personal archives for the unsuspecting public.

John Akre

John Akre is a Minneapolis animation educator, maker, and fan, and he organizes MinnAnimate. He creates stop motion animation on location with his Sloppy Films Animation Station, teaches animation at Hamline University and creates work with clients through Green Jeans Media, the home studio he runs with Beth Peloff.

Emory Allen

Foreign Fauna is an animation studio rooted in design and illustration.

Brian Barber

Brian Barber is an illustrator, animator designer and motion graphics artist, working in advertising, children’s books, corporate videoa and more.

Susan Shay Brugger

Susan has been a closet animator most of her life. When she isn’t chasing her young granddaughters, she works as a production manager for Theory Studios, a 3d animation, vfx and vr studio.

Joseph Dutra

Currently attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design and majoring in filmmaking while also learning techniques in animation. Favorite animated films of all time are Toy Story and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Hopes to make both live-action and animated films throughout his career.

Emily Fritze

Emily is an independent animator and motion graphics artist based in Minneapolis. She has worked on a variety of projects that include music videos for Pert Near Sandstone, Trampled by Turtles, and Perry Project, among others; documentaries, feature films, commercial work, as well as illustration and graphic design. She has been shown and awarded in film festivals – Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, Square Lake, MNTV, Philadelphia Film Festival, and SoCal.

Sue Grant

Little Old Lady Animator.

Cody Greene

Cody Greene is an independent writer/animator from St Paul Minnesota.

Eve Hernandez

Eve Hernandez is a Graphic Designer with a background in Fine Arts. Her work includes a mixture of both digital and traditional mediums. Currently residing in the cold tundra known as Minneapolis- her work involves bright colors and smooth sounds to offset the busy, snowy city.

Ed Heyl

Ed Heyl lives in northeast Minneapolis and attends massage therapy school when he’s not making art.

Julie JAO

Julie JAO is a visual artist who does both painting and live performance. Her work is about movement and energy. She is particularly interested in the spark of life that propels a being from a state of inertia to action and the impetus that creates this change of state.

Robert Jersak

Robert Jersak is a multimedia artist by night, communication studies educator by day. He’s eager to be a part of the growing animation scene in the Twin Cities.

Simeon Kondev

Independent animator, graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Clients include Viceland, FOX, and Adult Swim.

Andy Lefton

Andy Lefton is a Minneapolis based senior 3D/VFX artist with over 12 years of experience.

Adam Loomis

Animator, filmmaker and artist living in Minneapolis, MN.

Ian Lueck

Ian Lueck, a Wisconsin native, has been an independent filmmaker and animator for almost two decades. His work has been featured at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center and the Trylon Microcinema in Minneapolis, as well as numerous video sharing sites on the web.

Wayne Nelsen

Wayne Nelsen has made 66 animated videos and film collages, using the stories, poems and music of other people.

Mike Owens

Animator, Director, Character Designer and Storyboard artists creating hand dawn entertainment for TV and Film. Co-Creator and Executive Producer of Danger & Eggs, an animated series on Amazon Prime.

Beth Peloff

Beth Peloff is a video maker and teacher who works in both documentary and animation. Her films have played at film festivals including the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, the Twin Cities Film Festival and the Sodak Animation Festival.

Maret Polzine

Maret Polzine is an experimental filmmaker from the Twin Cities. They have a BFA in animation, and their works have screened globally.

Lea Redding

Lea Redding is an animator working in Minneapolis, she graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in December 2015.

Colin Stanhill

Colin Stanhill is a self-taught animator working in Minneapolis. He draws all his films by hand on paper. According to Malcolm Turner, of the Melbourne International Animation Festival, he is “quite a lucid sort of fellow.”

Josh Stifter

Josh Stifter is the animation director and owner of Flush Studios. He’s created animation for Kevin Smith and had his cartoons featured on the El Rey Network.

Chamindika Wanduragala

Chamindika Wanduragala is a Sri Lankan American visual artist, DJ (DJ Chamun), puppeteer and maker of stop motion films. She’s also the Artistic Director of Monkeybear’s Harmolodic Workshop, an arts organization that nurtures artists of color and Indigenous artists in contemporary puppet theater and sequential art.

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