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MinnAnimate 3 Program

MinnAnimate 3 program

MinnAnimate Youth!

IFP MN: Find Your Voice (IFP-MN Summer Animation Camp 2014)

TCYMN Youth Media Market (created by youth from Migizi Communications, Perpich Arts High School, and other youth at the Walker Art Center)

Parents Suck! (Alexa Akre, Kyle Ward, Emily Downes)

A video developed to accompany a poem by Kyle Ward, about the rocky relationship between parents and their teens.

Transitions Animated (MTS Media Arts Youth)

What used to be where your school is now?


MinnAnimate 3


Plumb (Caleb Wood)

A continuous vertical freehand digression.


Make Your Mark (Shelby Pearson, Mike Hallenbeck)

A family member encourages a young artist.


Street Animation (John Akre and many others)

Animation made on the street at the North Minneapolis Greenway Experience Open Streets, Lyndale Open Streets, the Northeast Farmer’s Market, and Central Ave. Open Streets this spring and summer.

League of Littles (1)

League of Littles (Jordan Studanski, Michael Mazourek, Young Fuller, Evyn Erickson, Katherine Daugaard, Dan Dismounts, Scott Meier, Logan Anderson, Amanda Boerger)

A group of extraordinary preschoolers are interviewed to become the next super hero. Some of these kiddos have found their powers and are confident in themselves while others are not quite sure yet. What the future will hold? It is up to the League of Littles to save us all from unforeseeable doom.


Stuper Powers: Secret Stache (Greg Bro)

In this episode of Stuper Powers, Bob has devoted his entire existence to becoming the ultimate crime fighter and tonight he’s ready to reveal himself to the world.

losing with diginity

Losing with Dignity (Peter Kirschmann)

Molly loses things all the time, and loves to talk about it candidly.

Jane Meyer Navel Gazing still

Navel Gazing (Jane Meyer, Sara Meyer, Anders Nienstaedt, Dana LeMoine, Anda Tanaka, Mat Brutger)

I tell the tale of my heroic belly button and his adventure as a rescuer of the downtrodden.

SCM Thumbnail

#StopCombatingMe (Leah Mann, Maia Ledesma, Greg Lehner)

#StopCombatingMe is a Public Service Announcement that was created for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). Its purpose is to inform the public that the Combating Autism Act (CAA) doesn’t help Autistic adults, and that funding services for Autistics across the lifespan is more important than funding cure research.

MNKino 40 (Mindy Knoll, Leo Winstead, John Akre)

Created during a MNKino animation workshop at MCAD.

Connect the Dots (Oanh Vo, Robert Masen and many others)

Created during MNKino 43 during the Greenway Glow/Northern Spark.

bike ride

The Bike Ride (Sue Grant)

A bike rider has trouble with a feisty bird who insists on following him.


The Blue Bicycle (Mike Finley, John Akre, Beth Peloff)

A bicycle in a tree sparks thoughts about family and change.


North by Northeast (Andy Waltzer, John Akre and many ohers)

Created by dozens of people in the Northrup King Building during this year’s Art-A-Whirl.


Sheridan Veterans Memorial (Robert Smart)

A massive sculpture forms right before our eyes.


Extreme Makeover: Thor (Greg Bro)

Thor decides to test his mighty hammer at home remodeling.

The IntervieweringScreenGrab

The Interviewering (David Koesters)

David has a job interview for position of mediocre lawyer.


The Crazy Misadventures of Christ: Joe Finds Out (Greg Bro)

In this comedic short written, animated, and voiced by Greg Bro, Joseph gets some surprising news about his future wife, Mary.


The Other Side (Josh Stifter, Mike Hallenbeck)

Results of new research on why the chicken crossed the road.


Cheshire Club (Kirk Anderson, Kevin Featherly)

Inside one of the few comedy clubs featuring stand-up comedy by cats, for cats.


Zeke and the All-Inclusive Cat House (Susan Shay Brugger, Lawrence Diggs)

A tomcat discovers a dream vacation with Miss Kitty is not what he expected.


The Fox and the Grapes (Leo Winstead, Kerri Lake)

Aesop’s classic fable. I animated clay reliefs with some colors added digitally in Toonboom Studio.


Red Dog (Beth Peloff)

A meditation on grief through the story of an old man and his dog.


YIELD (Caleb Wood)

Roadkill deaths are documented, and collectively animated.


McFowl! (Trevor Adams, Mike Hallenbeck)

A hand-drawn meditation on spirituality and the police state of art sleds scratched and mutilated on film.


Totem (Caleb Wood)

A celebration of anima


Titanic Tower (Nimo Farah, John Akre, Beth Peloff)

A public high rise is a place where culture is collected and nourished.

nisse and bro trollet

Lucky Bucket (Lisa Erickson)

A Nisse out of luck asks a bridge troll for some magic luck. He trades a beautiful pair of mittens for a lucky bucket which appears to be empty. Filling it with good things for animals and the farmers family the nisse realizes that it truly is lucky.

Teetersee Tottersaw (Caleb Wood, Derick Wycherly)

Teeter See Totter Saw is an animated dialogue between two animators. One animator draws a frame, the other animator draws the next. Without a plan, the film forms itself as the two animators suggest a new direction with each frame.


The Crazy Misadventures of Christ: The Snake Bite (Greg Bro)

In this comedic short written, animated, and voiced by Greg Bro, Jesus gets bit by a snake. This short debuted at the 2014 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.


Fork and Knife (Adina Cohen, Steve Blumenthal, David Harri)

It is about a lonely man in a restaurant who decides to attract attention for the other people in the restaurant by making music.

Connect the Dots (Oanh Vu, Charley MCarrron)

Animated portmanteau words.


Aurora (Leo Winstead, Byron Yang

Aurora (2013) is my latest paint-on-glass animated short. This film was initially inspired by the music of Claude Debussy. The idea that life can thrive even in the dead of winter formed the basis for my attempt at “visual poetry.”


Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop (Caleb Wood)

A mind in the city looks inward, and escapes into the rabbit’s domain.


The Bestest Place of All (Mike Hallenbeck, John Akre)

Where do you go to get creative?

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