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Animator Stefen Gruber in Minneapolis

Animation Tour 2013 posterV2


Animator Stefen Gruber is in Minneapolis to present his audience-participation animation next Wednesday. Here is the time and place:

July 31 9pm, Pine Cone Castle, 2837 17th Ave S, Minneapolis MN.
This is from his press release:
Stefan Gruber will bring his live experimental animation performance across the US and Canada this summer. His three part act includes live animation, a live voice performance, and an entertaining array of audience interaction that is rarely seen elsewhere in the world of animation.
Gruber has toured since 2008 and is currently seeking venues for his summer 2013 performances.
He plans to leave Seattle on July 1, 2013 for a US route to New York with a return trip through the Canadian Territories.
The show begins with an interactive introduction in which he draws a “psychic portrait.” He invites a member of the audience to
sit with him for an oracular reading. Throughout the reading, Gruber draws a seemingly abstract animation.
This comes together as a cohesive piece when the series is replayed at the end of the session.
Says Gruber, “It’s like [I’m] drawing out the other person’s core attributes, making that person’s world totally visible to both of us for
a little while.” This segment is a way to show how ordinary a psychic connection can be, and the accompanying animation is a wonderfully unconventionalintroduction.
Next, Gruber provides a menu of his short films. The audience has the opportunity to select the work s that they would like to see.
The menu is a near comprehensive list of Gruber’s animation and film, including some pieces that are paired with live voice performances by Gruber and some that require the audience to pitch in with their own voices.
Finally, Gruber ends the performance with a finale piece, showcasing some of his most recent animation.

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