Rules and Regulations

1-  The MinnAnimate 10 Festival will take place on the evening of September 8, 2022 at The Main Theatre in Minneapolis. There may be other showings of the festival after that date.

2-   Submission material (a completed submission form) must be received no later than July 31, 2022.

3-   Films made after the first of January 2021 are eligible to participate.  

4-   Films under 10 minutes using animation will be considered.  The festival is looking for films that are primarily animated by independent animators, students, and youth. All genres will be considered.

5-  Films must be sent in the following formats:

A) For the selection: a web link
B) For the official screening, we recommend the following data file submitted through our shared Dropbox folder, or other means:
(Listed in order of preferences)
1- MP4 (codec H264)
2- Quicktime (codec H264)

6-  There is no entry fee. Submission to the festival is free.

7-  Each film must be accompanied by a completed submission form to be  eligible.

8-  The director (or filmmaker) owns the rights to all original images, music, sound effects, and soundtracks of their festival entry.

9-  Selections: All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

10- If selected, films must be received by the festival by August 15.

11-  The filmmaker authorizes the festival to use publicity material provided and/or a short excerpt of the film (no more than 20% of the length of the film, to a maximum of 30 seconds) solely for promotional purposes on television and/or a short demo reel compilation on the internet or television show promoting the festival. Still images from the production will be used on the festival website for promotion. *

*Please note: Films entered in the festival will NOT be digitized and made available on the Internet.

12-  The cost of transport, insurance, or customs duties (if any) in both shipping and returns are to be paid by the director of the film.  Films will not be returned unless specified. The festival cannot be held responsible for any damages to the film during transport.

13-  It is understood that the film festival is held in good faith and that, if any problems should arise from the present regulations or screening of the films, the festival cannot be held responsible. Issues can be discussed in a friendly matter.  After all, the goal is to celebrate and enjoy Minnesota animation.

14- MinnAnimate was established to be a showcase for animation by Minnesota animators. This doesn’t mean that you can’t submit if you don’t live in Minnesota, but priority will go to animators who live in Minnesota or very close to the border.