MinnAnim8 Youth/Student Showcase

Here are the films in the MinnAnim8 Youth/Student Showcase, at 6:45 pm on September 12 at the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

midnight caller

The Midnight Caller

by Tyler Leininger

Audio taken from the Coen brother’s film “The Midnight Caller” talks about the motivation behind our consumption of media.

rowan reel

Animation Reel (2017 – 2019)

by Rowan Thompson

This is my submission for the minnanimate 2019. It is a collection of my best stop motion films from 2017 – 2019. The oldest one being the candy one at the beginning most recent one being Swedish Fish.

From Film North 2019 Stop Motion Animation Camp


The Boring Mission to Earth by Isaiah and James

Diamond Dilemma by Ava and Syan

From Film North 2019 After Effects Camp


Hello by Tess

Abstract Waves by Willa

Riptide by Astrid

From Film North 2019 Creative Cloud Animation Camp

angry dog

The Great Escape by Ella

Pets and Pandemonium by Carson

Grumpy Dog by Nina


Goblins Do Not Like Puppies

by Carolyn Schmit

A sleeping goblin is woken up from his nap by an unpleasant surprise.


A Blacksmith’s Fire

by Var

A Blacksmith, Coal and Diamond make some great things together.

Madi the Crabby

Madi The Crabby: Madi and Mary go to the Beach

by Grace Bauer

Madi the crab and Mary the raccoon are roommates who want to find something fun to do. They go to the beach and it’s a mess, so the cleaning up commences. This piece comments on the “save the planet” movement from the perspective we don’t hear enough of: animals’.

The Couch

The Couch

by Thao Doan

When some thing lurks underneath your couch, be careful when you rage quite.


Puppy Dog, I Love You

by Lukas Anderson

A sad pig who doesn’t speak finds happiness from the help of his friends.

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